Owner - Instructor - Nikki-Jo

My Journey ...

My story is like many others. 

I can still remember the day (it was my husbands idea) to start “working out.”

 Boy, oh boy, I feel so sorry for that personal trainer. I walked in with the mind set; "I am NOT going to do this, you are NOT making me and I am going to give this guy a run for his money---until he throughs me out of the gym". 

After the first session, the trainer had us do some peculiar stretches (in hopes that I wouldn’t be sore the next day) and with fingers crossed, would come back the next. 

Well, what I didn’t know could not hurt.

 Truth be told...  I WAS doing yoga!   And NO, I wasn’t sore the next day and YES, I came back!  

That’s what began my interest in yoga and the start of my yoga journey. I immediately started taking classes at a yoga studio, became a certified yoga instructor 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance and now overjoyed to be opening and owning the N-POW-R-U yoga studio. 

At present, I am continuing my education and am enrolled in a 500 hour RYT training.  I am so excited to share this 5000 year old tradition with you and I can not wait to move you physically and mentally. 

N-POW-R-U Nikki-Jo

Instructor Steven D. Dryer


My passion is fitness and I utilize my 27 years of military fitness and couple it with high intense interval training.  

I try to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.  

All that is needed is a desire to move and effort. 

 I base my workouts on the word EARTH.  

Endurance, Agility, Repetition, Teamwork, and Heart.  

All fitness levels welcome to achieve acceptance, being, 

and community the N-POW-R-U ABC's 


Master’s of Education Training and Leader development

Heart saver AED/CPR, First Aid, Certified Group Instructor

Soccer, Softball, Running, Coaching, Hiking, Hockey, and Travel

Elaine Bodin

My Mission

My personal mission is to inspire each person through the practice of yoga to accept oneself for the beautiful person that you have been created to be.  Through the practice of yoga not only on the mat (the asana) but off the mat (unity) we can create peace and acceptance.

I started practicing yoga 8 years ago and fell in love with not only the practice on the mat but how it transformed me off the mat.  I felt compelled to share this  passion with others so I received my 200RYT in February 2016.  My practice and teaching consist of a variety of yoga practices and meditation.  I enjoy Power Yoga along with Vinyasa but I incorporate Hatha along with Restorative depending on the day.  I also have a certification in Pilates and teach a variety of Group Fitness Classes.

I am always honored to share my yoga practice with others.  Not only does yoga strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body it also brings a calm and an inner peach and awareness to the body and mind.

I look forward to sharing and creating a self awareness and community with you!

Karla Olson

The Method Behind the Madness !

I stumbled upon yoga as a means to be of service to fellow recovering alcoholics and addicts. When I took my first yoga class, i was awed and annoyed with how difficult I found it to be both mentally and physically. However, i knew as a person, who struggled with addictions, that if I could learn this self discipline and breath control, that i would really have a unique gift to share with others. 

My passion and practice have evolved to a more spiritual nature, where thankfully i am honored to pass my passion on to others, through teaching this beautiful art form. Whatever your reason for trying or continuing your yoga practice is welcome at N-POW-R-U yoga! 

I look forward to being of service to you.

Jessica Endrizzi

What i love to share with you .....


My name is Jessi Endrizzi.  I’m glad to be sharing what I love with you!  

I loved dance from an early age, and still gravitate towards all types of movement; martial arts, yoga, ballroom dancing, hiking, running...

I love it all!  

I received my 200 hour yoga training from The Minneapolis Yoga center, Barre Certification from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association, recently completed Strong Spirits Mindful Movements Chair Yoga Training, and trained in BarreZen™ , and Yoga SHRED™. Using barre methodology, you will cultivate strength in you arms, back, legs and core, and find confidence to stand tall.  

Barre is great for everyone!  I’ll see you there!

Love and Light "The N-POW-R-U Team"

Our heart is overjoyed to share our passion, our purpose and our life's journey with you!


NAMASTE Nikki Jo Roland