We are so excited to guide you on your journey. You have chosen an all-encompassing form of exercise that is not only physical but also benefits ones mental state. Your journey joins millions that are turning to the 5000 year old ancient tradition of yoga. 

Did you know that science is now proving all of the benefits of a yoga practice? This awareness will allow you to find your inner peace, embrace yourself, and have the power to facilitate the growth you yearn.

Physically, we know that yoga strengthens and stretches our muscles and utilizing the practice of yoga will improve your daily life mobility, keep you more agile, and improve your balance. 

As far as the psychological elements, we take total control of our mind. Yoga empowers us to take back our thought patterns and lay a path of stillness and calmness in our erratic society and can increase the gray matter of our brain. Further, calming our nervous system eradicating the fight or flight response. 

Lastly, yoga embraces the ideology of no judgment, no ego, no competition. Come as you are and we will see you on the mat.